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Technical description: Soundboard of spruce, ; back, neck, head, fingerboard and tailpiece of ebony; finial and pegs of ivory. The soundboard is fine grained. The sound-holes are of a C shape, the inside of the C being straight, with a nick in the centre. The body is carved of one piece, divided on the back into imitating 5 ribs, the outer ribs almost parallel. The neck (86 long) is shaped as for a normal violin-type instrument, 12.2 - 14.3 thick. The fingerboard is a separate piece, 144 total length, 21.6 wide at the nut, 27.9 wide at the bottom. There is an added piece to protect the soundboard from the tailpiece gut. The plug to hold the tailpiece is of ebony with decorative ivory plug. The tailpiece is rounded at the bottom and is shaped at the top. The finial is shaped like a hat, made by turning an ivory button then planing the sides off. The tuning pegs are heart-shaped.

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