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24-inch kettledrum.

Technical description: Cavalry drum with copper shellsides perforated with five groups each of four ¼-inch perforations in a diamond pattern below the rim of the drum instead of a release hole in the base of the shell; ferrous metal reinforcing frame inside; four loops for harness straps; tripod legs attached to small reinforcing plates diameter c75 on bottom of bowl. Tuning T-bar handle at side, of different design from that of (2376), operates a metal shaft with 2 screw threads of opposite sense; two threaded cross-pieces mounted on screwed rod with fine threads giving precise pitch control; eight laterally-mounted pulley wheels in frames in the bowl with tangential axles; four circumferential external pulleys with radial axles mounted on exterior of bowl; at each of the eight tensioning points there is a hook which is attached to the outside of the flesh hoop and passes through the skin, with loosely mounted pulley on each hook. All tensioning fitments of brass, with steel cable.