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Double-manual harpsichord.

Technical description: Double-manual Flemish harpsichord. Compass 51notes G₁/B₁ - C₆,D₆ [GG/BB - c''',d''']. Three sets of strings (now removed) 2 × 8-ft, 1 × 4-ft, 4 registers. Repair History: Originally a transposing instrument with two keyboards at different pitches. Altered c1680 to bring the keyboards into line, extra 8-ft register added. Converted to a pianoforte in the 18th century, upper keyboard removed. Returned to a harpsichord in 1928 by Alec Hodsdon. Restored in 1953 by Andre Douglas with new keyboards and jacks, the original lower keyboard being preserved separately. The name batten is not original.

  • Measurements:2227