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Great Highland bagpipe (piob mhor)

Technical description: Set of Highland bagpipes, full size, consisting of bass and tenor drones, stocks, blowpipe, replacement bag and Victorian tartan bag cover. Brazilian kingwood with bone button mounts, brass ferrules, and bone tops.Chanter stock is probably original to the instrument. Stock is carved in a similar manner to the top section of the drones and is fitted with a brass ferrule.The stock and blowpipe are made from a different type of wood than the rest of the bagpipe, perhaps rosewood or some fruitwood. The blowpipe has a large, ornate bone mounting and is turned in a more ornate style than the rest of the instrument. Bone ferrule on stock has two incised lines with black ink. Ebonite mouthpiece.Bass Drone: three sections. Bone button mounts on the top of the lower and middle sections. Top and middle sections have large brass sleeves concealing the original ferrules firmly affixed to their inside. Horn mounted chalice-shaped top. Second cord channel in the middle section. Cocus stock with brass ferrule.Tenor drone1: two sections. Bone button mount on top of lower section and brass ferrule on bottom of upper section. Horn mounted chalice-shaped top. Cocus stock with brass ferrule.Tenor drone2: two sections. Bone button mount on top of lower section and brass ferrule on bottom of upper section. Chalice-shaped top with modern horn mount. Cocus stock with brass ferrule.Bag: modern leather bag marked on the welt.Bag cover/cord: late-Victorian, Graham of Montrose tartan cover. Matching cording and tassels.Measurements: bass drone length c615, bore at top 13.8; tenor drones length c320, bore at top 10.8. Repair History: The blowpipe/mouthpiece may be a Victorian replacement carved in an archaic style. Replacement valve of black leather.The brass sleeves on the bass drone appear to be later additions and have obviously been added as a repair, as the pattern of the erased original combing and beading remains visible underneath. The missing horn ring on tenor drone2 top was replaced in real horn by Jon Swayne, 2008. The bag is a modern replacement.