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Bass sarrusophone

Double-reed metal bass, made entirely of brass. Double-coiled configuration with shorter first coil and detachable crook. Twenty keys with modern-style cups, mounted in posts with rods, affixed on plates. Some of the key touches have brass rollers. Large brass knob on lower bow guard. Nominal pitch: B flat. This instrument is part of the Albert C. Spencer collection.

  • Culture:
  • Period:
  • Materials:
  • Specific materials/techniques:
  • Decorative elements:
  • Inscriptions:Stamped on bell: S.A. CHAPPEL / 45 NEW BOND ST / LONDON|Also stamped: P. L. Gautrot (? - not located in 2017)
  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:422.112 (Single) oboes with conical bore
  • Repository:Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton
  • Measurements:Height: 895mm; Bell diameter: 110mm