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French model, single-action, diatonic piano accordion with a rectangular-box-shaped, painted wooden case. Scalloped treble end-frame and bass side hand-frame rim. Sixteen treble keys made of wood with rectangular mother-of-pearl touchpieces, arranged in two rows. Exposed round pallets with brass shafts and mother-of-pearl covers. Two long, pivoted-lever, chord-bass keys mounted on the treble handbar made of brass, with a small brass grill cover for the top key. Two button-operated, brass bass keys with round, brass pallets on the bass side, plus a large brass air valve key and pallet. plus an air button on the back. Six-fold cardboard bellows covered with dark green paper and reinforced corners. Strong trading links between Nottingham's lace industry and Paris, led to the import of many French accordions in the second-half of the 19th century. Local enterprising firms, such as Jabez Gregory, were also agents for the London concertina makers and imported instruments from there. This instrument is part of the Albert C. Spencer collection.

  • Measurements:Length: 300mm; Width: 120mm; Depth (closed): 175mm