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English triple flageolet. Boxwood with brass keywork and ivory ferrules, endcap and studs. Mouthpiece missing. Apart from the cutters, all keys are block mounted with octagonal flat flaps and leather pads. Stock has four keys, two octagonal keys and two cutters. Left hand tube has seven keys, three studs and four tone holes, one partially plugged. Note names B,A,G are stamped to the right of the tone holes. Stamped inscriptions next to four of the keys read: Eb Key, D Key, F natural, D#; Right hand tube in two joints. Upper joint has five keys, three studs and four tone holes. Note names G,F,E,D are stamped to the right of the tone holes and the numbers 1,2,3,4 are stamped to the left. Stamped inscriptions next to keys read: B, F natural, LOW C key, C, LOW B Key. Sponge chamber stamped: BAINBRIDGE/INVENTOR/HOLBORN/HILL; Stock is stamped with lion and unicorn emblem and inscription: BAINBRIDGE/INVENTOR/35/HOLBORN/HILL/LONDON/NEW/PATENT; Stamped inscriptions above octagonal keys read: NEW D KEY; and: NEW C KEY; Lower right hand joint is stamped: BAINBRIDGE/INVENTOR/NEW/PATENT; Third tube in three joints. Upper joint has one cutter key (only shank remaining) and is stamped: BAINBRIDGE/INVENTOR/LONDON; Lower joint has four keys and an ebony thumb rest. Stamped: BAINBRIDGE/INVENTOR/35/HOLBORN/HILL/LONDON; Stamped inscriptions next to keys read: A Key, B Key, C Key, D Key; Solid foot with screw fitting, cross hatched end and two holes half way down its length.

  • Measurements:overall: 20.8661 x 5.1181 x 5.1181 in.; 530 x 130 x 130 mm