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Penny whistle

Tin whistle, 'Soodlum' whistle, duct flute in D. Green plastic head and cylindrical plated metal body. The long, straight mouthpiece has a rectangular mouth hole. Rectangular mouth or window. The body has six round finger holes of varying sizes. A round yellow sticker printed with green writing is applied to the front above the holes and reads: 'SOODLUMS/D/TIN WHISTLE/MADE IN IRELAND'. Whistle retains its original packaging, a blister pack with a transparent plastic cavity and a card backing, the front of which reads: 'SOODLUM'S/A SOUVENIR/OF IRELAND/IRISH/TIN//WHISTLE/D/The/Soodlum/whistle is/a genuine/musical/instrument/used by top/Irish/musicians./It has a/mellow tone/which makes it/easy to learn/and enjoyable/to play/The Tin Whistle/is suited to/all types of/music and will/give many hours/of pleasure./Playing instructions/on back of this pack/Made in Ireland'. A white sticker at the top gives the price as: £1.95

  • Measurements: overall: 365 x 95 x 25 mm