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Conical drum; bata

Eji bàtá, double membrane conical drum. The shell is carved from omo wood (Cordia milleni). The heads are of antelope hide. Each has two layers, lapped onto a concealed hoop. The outer layer of each head is cut away to form a ring around the inner skin. The larger head has a patch of black wax at its centre. The lacing runs through eight holes in the skins, passing both above and beneath the inner hoops to link both heads. The lacing is of antelope hide with vestiges of hair present. The interlacing is secured and tensioned by cross lacing encircling the central section of the drum. The drum has a carrying strap with a dyed crimson leather backing. The ends of the strap are wrapped round the ends of the shell beneath the interlacing. The smaller head is played with a beater (M15a-1992) made from a piece of stiff antelope hide, which still has hair on one side and has been cut to a pointed tip. The larger head is struck by the player's right hand

  • Measurements:overall: 24.2126 x x 9.8425 in.; 615 x 250 mm