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Rkang-gling; trumpet

Rkang-gling, end-blown trumpet. A short, straight body formed from two conical sections of metal. These are joined beneath a brass ferrule at the centre, the same metal also used for the mouthpiece and bell. The mouthpiece has a wide, flat rim and a shallow cup. Decorated sleeves cover the leadpipe, the central ferrule and the bell. The centre of the ferrule and the upper part of the bell mount have round ridges. The remainder of the bell is shaped like the head of a sea monster (chu-srin or makara). It is angled slightly upwards of the plane of the body, the bell rim forming its mouth and an extended upper lip pointing vertically upwards. An eyelet beneath the bell rim has a metal ring attached. A vegetable fibre cord is tied round the instrument below the bell. One of a pair with M84-1981.

  • Measurements:overall: 453 x 65 x 100 mm