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Violin with carving in high relief on the back; later front and neck, c.1840. Later front, two-piece, of fine and even grain; f-shaped soundholes; purflings mostly incised, some inlaid; front and back both highly arched; later bridge stamped HART. Back of one piece of slab-cut maple with ?gure of faint curl, with double purfling and carved with figures in high relief along centre line: below the button a putto holding a wreath, in the middle an eagle clutching a serpent, and at the lower end another putto riding an eagle; the three figures linked by scrolling acanthus foliage. Ribs with figure of medium curl. Pegbox with a dolphin carved in high relief on the back and child’s head ?nial; four rosewood pegs with mother-of-pearl inserts. Thin transparent varnish on back; golden-brown on front.

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  • Repository:Royal College of Music Museum
  • Measurements:Length: 613mm. Width: 202mm.